How to import data from excel file to database table in laravel 5

Published Date: 25-Nov-2017 | Tags: Laravel 5.5  Import / Export  

This tutorial I want to show you an easy way to import data from excel by using laravel and maatwebsite/excel.

Step 1: Install maatwebsite/excel package.

To install it, please go to terminal or command prompt (for window users), navigate to your project directory, and run this command.

composer require maatwebsite/excel


Step 2: Excel File Template

To be able to import data from excel, you need to know

  • File name
  • Sheet name
  • File Template ( the first row of excel file is column name)



Step 3: How to Import from Excel File

Below is the code of importing data from excel file and save to customer table.

Excel::selectSheets('Sheet 1')->load('Customer.xlsx', function ($reader) {

Please check maatwebsite/excel website for more info.

Hope you can do it.

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