Laravel pagination with bootstrap 4

Published Date: 25-Nov-2017 | Tags: Laravel 5.5  Bootstrap 4  

This tutorial I want to show you how to create bootstrap 4 css pagination with laravel 5.

By default Laravel 5.5 ships with some pagination styles that can support bootstrap 3 (default), bootstrap 4 and sematic-ui. So to be able to use it, you can export it and then you can customize and use the one you like.

To be able to export it, please go to terminal or command prompt (for window users), navigate to your project directory, and run this command.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-pagination

The above command will export the pagination file in /resources/views/vendor/pagination.

Then to be able to use bootstrap 4 pagination, you can use the below code.

    <ul class="pagination justify-content-end">

Hope you understand.

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